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Andreas Bummel Event January 2022

The lofty ideals of the United Nations speak of protecting human rights and of peace for all people. Yet the UN is an assembly of ambassadors representing the views of their national governments. The UN has no place for actual significant input of the people. Governments act to protect their own interests, which may coincide with their own population's interests, but not necessarily the interests of all humanity. A UN Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) would give a voice to citizen-elected representatives and would make decisions in people’s best interest. For example, living sustainably is unquestionably in the collective interest of humanity, even if it may not be in the interest of any one nation to lead the way.

The Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly has received wide, high-level support around the world, but there is still no UNPA. Andreas Bummel, co-convenor of the Campaign will review the idea of a UNPA, discuss how a UNPA might get started, and review the status of the promotional Campaign. He will discuss with the Toronto area World Federalist's practical things they could do to help support the campaign.


Sunday, January 29, 2023

2:00-3:30 PM Eastern Time

A FREE Presentation on Zoom

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