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2024 World Federalist Conference

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17th to SUNDAY FEBRUARY 18th | 10:00AM - 4:00pm EST


2024 THEME:

"Collaborative Solutions for a Sustainable Future"

Join us for the upcoming 2024 World Federalist Conference, hosted annually by the World Federalist Movement - Canada (WFMC). This year's conference will delve into the critical theme of "Collaborative solutions for a sustainable future," providing a pivotal platform for thought leaders, experts, and advocates to engage in substantive discussions.

Event Highlights

  • Key note speakers and panel discussions;
  • United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) simulation on:
    "How a UN Parliamentary Assembly could address the climate crisis;"
  • "Outstanding Delegate" is awarded a trip to the Ventotene International Seminar in Italy!

Participants will immerse themselves in a hypothetical scenario that explores how a UNPA could play a pivotal role in shaping policies that move toward a sustainable future. As part of the simulation, one delegate demonstrating excellence, as evaluated by the moderators, will be honored with the title of "Outstanding Delegate." This accolade comes with a remarkable prize – a trip to the prestigious Ventotene International Seminar in Ventotene, Italy. The seminar provides an exceptional opportunity for dynamic debates and conversations on European integration and federalism, fostering further insights into collaborative global governance.


Participate in the simulation as a Delegate!

You can sign up as a delegate of the World Federalist Conference's Model UN Parliamentary Assembly!

Ventotene International Seminar

The winner of 'Outstanding Delegate ' in the UNPA will get the opportunity to represent the World Federalist Movement - Canada at the Ventotene International Seminar!

Learn more

Documents for Delegates in the Model UNPA

Delegate Handbook

The Model UNPA delegates handbook is an invaluable resource that not only lays out the essential rules and procedures of parliamentary debate but also offers expert tips on how to construct powerful and impactful resolutions.

UNPA Resolution Template

The UNPA resolution template is a handy tool designed to help delegates craft compelling proposals that can be presented at a UNPA session with confidence and precision.

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WFM-Canada hosts workshops, lectures, and webinars throughout the year to promote global governance reform.

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