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Vission & Mission


World Federalists envision a more peaceful, just, sustainable world attained through more effective and democratic global governance.






To promote the strengthening and democratization of global governance, and to pursue the high purposes of the United Nations Charter, through research, education and advocacy.

To this end WFM-C aims to promote within Canada the development of a democratic world federation based on the world federalist principle of subsidiarity. Humanity’s very survival on Earth depends on achieving a rapid acceleration of effective global cooperation through democratic global governance. WFM-C believes that Canada is well positioned to take a leadership role in this effort.

WFM-Canada is part of the global World Federalist Movement which finds its roots in the 1947 Montreux Declaration. That historic declaration defines 6 aspirational principles of world federalism.

Principles of World Federalism

We advocate for methods that contribute to the early establishment of a world federal government to prevent another devastating global conflict. The formation of regional federations – insofar as they do not become an end in themselves or run the risk of crystallising into blocs – can and should contribute to the effective functioning of federal government. In the same way, the solution of technical, scientific and cultural problems which concern all the peoples of the world, will be made easier by the establishment of specialist functional bodies.

Principle 1

Universal membership: The world federal government must be open to all peoples and nations.

Principle 2

Limitation of national sovereignty, and the transfer to the world federal government of such legislative, executive and judicial powers as relate to the world affairs.

Principle 3

Enforcement of world law directly on the individual whoever or wherever he may be, within the jurisdiction of the world federal government: guarantee of the rights of man and suppression of all attempts against the security of the federation.

Principle 4

Creation of supranational armed forces capable of guaranteeing the security of the world federal government and of its member states. Disarmament of member nations to the level of their internal policing requirements.

Principle 5

Ownership and control by the world federal government of atomic development and of other scientific discoveries capable of mass destruction.

Principle 6

Power to raise adequate revenues directly and independently of state taxes.

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Our Values

At The World Federalist Movement – Canada we firmly believe that fostering an inclusive and equitable environment is not just a moral imperative but a fundamental human right. We believe that all individuals should be valued, respected and provided equal opportunities regardless of ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. We are committed to upholding the concepts of one-humanity that are rooted in world-federalism itself, and derived from foundational charters, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Charter.


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