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The biannual publication of the World Federalist Movement – Canada

Mondial Winter 2023 Edition

Mondial's Winter 2023 edition is your gateway to insightful discussions and in-depth analyses on global affairs. Featuring engaging content on strengthened governance, Oppenheimer's legacy, human rights and more.

This edition encapsulates diverse viewpoints on the need for federated world governance!

Interested in Contributing to Mondial?

We are seeking submissions that align with Mondial’s World Federalist mission and engage our readership with relevant topics related to current events or contemporary global issues. Submissions are not limited to articles, op-eds, and book reviews but also include poems and original art. We welcome fresh perspectives and novel approaches to these topics!

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In Defense of an Idealist Approach to UN Reform

As World Federalists with aspirations for a more democratic and peaceful world, we are no strangers to criticisms that our proposals are “overly ambitious” or “unachievable.” Although most tend to...

UN Reform: Three Paths Forward

It seems each day provides us a fresh reason for pessimism. A new demonstration of the fraying social contract, especially at the international level. The pillars upon which the international...

Previous Editions

Mondial Spring 2023

The World Federalist Movement Canada is thrilled to announce the release of the Spring 2023 edition of Mondial, our biannual publication focused on global governance and world federalism. In this issue, we delve into timely and critical topics that shape the international landscape, including the ongoing conflicts, environmental challenges, and human rights issues.

Mondial Fall 2022

This issue dives into a range of topics such as the crisis in Ukraine, global democracy and the rise of nationalism, sustainability practices, and modern solutions in peace and security. You're not going to want to miss out the revamped edition of Mondial with an all new format!

Mondial Fall 2021

This issue of Mondial discusses the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow, updates in global affairs, the new direction of the World Federalist Movement, and more!

Mondial Spring 2021

Mondial Summer 2020

Mondial Winter 2019

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Mondial is published twice annually by the World Federalists. Editorial production is undertaken jointly by the international secretariat of the World Federalist Movement – Institute for Global Policy and the WFM-IGP member organization, World Federalist Movement – Canada.

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What is Mondial

Mondial is WFM-Canada's biannual publication, serving as a platform for insightful discussions, analyses, and reflections on global issues. It features articles, interviews, and contributions from experts, activists, and stakeholders passionate about world federalism, global governance, and related topics.

What topics does Mondial cover?

Mondial covers a diverse array of topics related to world federalism, global governance, human rights, peacebuilding, environmental sustainability, international relations, and more. It offers in-depth explorations of issues shaping our interconnected world.

How can I access Mondial?

Mondial is accessible in both digital and print formats. Digital copies are available on the WFM-Canada website for online reading or download. Additionally, print copies may be available through specific subscription models or events organized by WFM-Canada.

To recieve the next edition of Monidal email to be added to the list!

Who contributes to Mondial?

Contributions to Mondial come from a range of voices, including academics, policymakers, activists, and individuals passionate about global issues. Articles and pieces are curated from various perspectives, providing a well-rounded view on the discussed topics.

Can I contribute to Mondial?

WFM-Canada welcomes contributions from individuals passionate about global issues and world federalism. If you have insights, research, or perspectives to share, you can reach out to the editorial team at for potential contribution opportunities.

Learn More about how you can Contribute to Mondial

Please read the Mondial Contributors Handbook to give your submission the best chance to be published!


Submissions for the Summer 2024 edition close April 19th,2024. We accept applications on a rolling basis, however, and encourage authors from a range of backgrounds!

How does Mondial align with WFM-Canada's mission?

Mondial aligns with WFM-Canada's mission by serving as a platform to foster awareness, discussion, and understanding of global issues, advocating for world federalism, peace, and cooperative global governance. It supports the organization's efforts to promote informed dialogue and engagement towards a more unified world.


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