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The World Federalist Movement - Canada is a not-for-profit research, education, and advocacy organization dedicated to promoting global governance and advocating for the principles of federalism at the international level. In today's interconnected world, addressing global challenges effectively and democratically is paramount to. WFM-Canada advocates for a more democratic and equitable global system, focusing on key areas such as Global Democracy, Peace and Security, Environment, Justice and Human Rights, and Economy. World Federalist are meeting the challenge head on! Join us as we explore comprehensive approaches to address global issues collaboratively and efficiently.

One of the principal ways we pursue our mission is through the World Federalist Conference and our biannual publication Mondial. Learn more about our advocacy efforts!

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World Federalists support the application of the principles of federalism to world affairs, in order that global governance becomes more equitable, just and democratically accountable. Our programs cover Peace and Security, Global Democracy, Global Environment, Human Rights, and Global Economy.

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Mondial Winter 2023: Letter From the Editorial Board

Dear Reader, Welcome to Mondial! Whether this is your first time or a familiar return to our publication, Mondial offers a forum for discourse and dialogue on principled and practical...

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International Poll: Public Supports a World Parliament and World Law

An international survey carried out by the market research firm YouGov on behalf of the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation in 2023 indicates that a majority of the public in 13...

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For Oppenheimer, a World Government Was the Only Way to Save Us From Ourselves

Read the Mondial Jane Shevtsov and Tad Daley Blink and you’ll miss it. In a scene in the new Oppenheimer film set right after the successful 1949 atomic bomb test...

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Mondial Winter 2023: Remembering Canadian World Federalists

Read the Mondial Mary June Pettyfer1933 – 2023 As the years go by, our global political community is faced with more and more reasons to come to terms with the...

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UN Reform: Three Paths Forward

It seems each day provides us a fresh reason for pessimism. A new demonstration of the fraying social contract, especially at the international level. The pillars upon which the international...

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Embrace World Citizenship with a World Citizen Passport

The WFMC believes in our identity as global citizens! The World Passport symbolizes and empowers the fundamental right to travel freely, conforming to nation-state travel requirements. It indicates birthplace, not nationality, serving as a neutral travel document. With over 65 years of acceptance and visas from 185+ countries on a case-by-case basis, it embodies our shared world. Everyone deserves freedom of movement on our common ground: Earth.

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