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The World Federalist Movement - Canada is a not-for-profit research, education, and advocacy organization. More than at any time in history, our world is interconnected on every level of communication and in terms of various consequences of our actions. Finding the means to adequately and democratically address global problems is one of the greatest political challenges of our time - and it is the challenge that World Federalists are meeting.

We advocate for a more democratic and equitable structure to our global system. Viewed through the lens of our five special interest areas, which include Global Democracy, Global Peace and Security, World Environment, Global Justice and Human Rights and World Economy, the WFM-Canada aims to take a comprehensive look at how we can share our earth most effectively.

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World Federalists support the application of the principles of federalism to world affairs, in order that global governance becomes more equitable, just and democratically accountable. Our programs cover Peace and Security, Global Democracy, Global Environment, Human Rights, and Global Economy.

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Will Canada Champion Global Democracy?

Canadians can be proud of their notable contributions to the United Nations, including vital support for the Land Mines Treaty and the International Criminal Court. If the Liberal government wishes...

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A New Foundation for a Sustainable World

The 7th Generation Initiative is working with the WFMC to stimulate thinking about what a post-growth world might be like. Growth has been our goal for so many generations that...

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A Quantum Leap In Human Sovereignty

Clearly, World Government is not a new idea; yet the reason why it hasn’t been implemented and has become a much silenced idea is because national governments and the many...

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Anxiety Looms As Global Economy Enters Shutdown

With a pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and a global economy in crisis, the world sets its sights on an uncertain future. The global COVID-19 pandemic shifted everything from how...

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Embrace World Citizenship with a World Citizen Passport

The WFMC believes that we are primarily citizens of Earth! The World Passport is a meaningful symbol and a powerful tool for the implementation of the fundamental human right of freedom of travel. It is designed to conform to nation-state
requirements for travel documents. But, it does not indicate the nationality of its bearer, only their birthplace. It is a neutral, apolitical document of identity and potential travel document.

The World Passport has a track record of over 65 years of acceptance. Currently, more than 185 countries have visaed it on a case-by-case basis. In short, the World Passport represents the one world we all live in. Everyone has the right to move freely in their natural birthplace, the Earth.


Global Climate Accountability

Summary of Elizabeth May’s Zoom Presentation to the World Federalist Movement Canada, Toronto Branch on May 18, 2021. Her presentation was about a tale of two treaties. The first was...

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