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Montreal Branch

About the Montreal Branch

The Montreal Branch is organized by a dedicated coordinating commitee that believes our global institutions need to reform to govern through modern global crises. We host events and regular discussion groups on a range of topics related to world federalism and related issues!


The Future of the Environment with Nigel Roulet

Our March Zoom event was a great success with 29 attendees. Nigel Roulet, Chair of the Geography Dept. at McGill gave a very clear presentation on the current status of the threats to the environment, the realities of climate change and how we can try to mitigate these effects. As he emphasized, we are
doing this for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren

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Get Involved

Call for Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers for the Montreal Branch. As our AGM approaches (June 4), please give
some thought to possibly volunteering as:

• Member-at-Large on the Executive Committee. You will learn more about the organization and its
mission. The commitment is not onerous – approx. one meeting every 4 weeks between
September and June – and it is a matter of the “more hands, the merrier” to get our tasks done.
At the moment we are meeting via Zoom.

• Coordinator of the Marie-Berthe Dion Issues Action Group. This letter-writing group usually got
together once a month, but it could be less frequent. The coordinator is responsible for organizing
the briefing information (not necessarily writing it – that could be shared in the group) and the
meetings. In the current situation there are various options: meeting via Zoom; simply e-mailing
out the briefing information; meeting outside in the summer.

• Contributors to the Montreal Branch Buzz. We are always looking for reviews, suggested events,
short pieces on issues related to WFM-C areas of interest.
Interested? Please contact Christine Jacobs (, Patricia Philip
( or Claire Adamson ( )

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