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Meet Our Team

World Federalist Movement Canada - Board of Directors

President: Karen Hamilton

Chair of the Board: Nic Baird

Secretary: Blake MacLeod

Treasurer: Nancy Regehr

Chair of the Executive Committee: Christine Jacobs

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World Federalist Movement Canada - Executive Staff

Executive Director: Alexandre MacIsaac

Media and Communications Director: Erica Wilson

Financial and Donor Database Director: Michelle Lawrence

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World Federalist Movement Canada - Branch Presidents/Executive Members

President Toronto: Norbert D'Costa

President Montreal: None (Leadership currently shared between Patricia Philip and Christine Jacobs)

President Victoria: Bill Pearce

President Vancouver: Vivian Davidson


World Federalist Foundation - Board of Directors

President: Sylvain Pâquet

Vice-President: Mike Nickerson

Secretary: Alexandre MacIsaac

TreasurerNancy Regehr

Directors: Nic Baird, Cameron Laing and Tudy McLaine

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