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Meet Our Team

World Federalist Movement Canada - Branch Presidents/Executive Members

President Toronto: Norbert D'Costa

President Montreal: None (Leadership currently shared between Patricia Philip and Christine Jacobs)

President Victoria: Bill Pearce

President Vancouver: Vivian Davidson

Toronto Branch President

Norbert D'Costa

Born and raised in India, Norbert D’Costa went to work in Saudi Arabia after completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Mysore. He immigrated to Canada in 1991 and has been a resident of Brampton, Ontario since then. While at university in Mysore, Norbert was a member of the All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF) and president of his college unit during his final year. He attended several socialwork camps in the slums and villages in the area.

Norbert believes that the threats to our planet come from a divided planet where each nation competes with others. Norbert believes that a Federated World Government is the only solution to most if not all the threats to the continued existence of our planet.

Montreal Branch President

Patricia Philip

Member of the WFM since 2001. Retired bilingual business woman and teacher. Post-retirement activities currently include: membership secretary of the Montreal Field Naturalists’ Club, active member of several committees at the Unitarian Church of Montreal, and a volunteer for intergenerational community projects promoting literacy and music.

Member of WFM-C Executive Committee and Board of Directors.; vice-president and treasurer of WFM-C Montreal Branch.

Montreal Branch President

Christine Jacobs

I have been a World Federalist since the early 1990s, having been  introduced by co-worker Carol Greene to the Montreal letter-writing group.  I joined it with my mother who was a long-time social justice activist.  Since then I have handled the editing and layout of the Montreal Buzz, our local WFM-C newsletter, and have been both a vice-president and president of the Montreal Branch;  I am currently the coordinator. In the other parts of my life, I am a mother, a grandmother, a librarian and a soon-to-be retired cegep instructor with a professional specialization in subject access to information (aka, indexing, cataloguing and classification). For me world federalism is a logical extension of the need for a global approach to social justice. 

Victoria Branch President

Bill Pearce

Bill Pearce was admitted to the bar in Ontario in 1968 and practised law for 42 years. He started as a Bay St. lawyer in Toronto as a litigation lawyer, was a judge in the Yukon for a spell as the sole judge for the entire territory, then was asked to head up the civil litigation department for the AG of BC which took up most of his career as lead counsel for the province. He was appointed a QC in 1986. He then worked as the solicitor general for Bermuda, returning to BC where he worked for the AG for a spell before retiring from service to be in private practise for the last seven years of his career. In Bermuda he became acquainted with international law and had the privilege of representing the country on two occasions in the Privy Council, the highest court in the Commonwealth. He also has had extensive experience in the Supreme Court of Canada.

Vancouver Branch President

Vivian Davidson

Vivian Davidson is a graduate of Political Science and International Relations from the University of British Columbia, focusing on international sustainability and development. Her eclectic cultural background is echoed in her love of travel and languages. She speaks English, Japanese, Spanish and French. An avid volunteer since young she has been involved in the past with organizations such as Oxfam, Amnesty International and the Red Cross Canada.  She is currently active with six organizations each quite unique including the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Leadnow Vancouver and the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC where she has volunteered for over ten years.  In addition to working for a non-profit she is a working actor, producer/filmmaker and triathlete. When not engaged in activism you can find her in one of the many local trials hiking or camping and enjoying BC’s beautiful outdoors. 


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