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United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA)

The WFMC advocates for increased representation of ordinary citizens in global politics and the United Nations. The proposed United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) aims to introduce democratic principles into the UN system by establishing an elected body composed of representatives from national parliaments and scholars. This assembly seeks to enhance democratic accountability and transparency in global decision-making processes.

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Mobilizing Earth Governance Alliance (MEGA)

As World Federalists, we advocate for urgent climate change action and global policies that prioritize environmental justice. MEGA is dedicated to fostering collaboration among civil society organizations, governments, and stakeholders committed to enhancing environmental governance. Our initiatives include advocating for the establishment of an International Court for the Environment to uphold environmental laws and transformation of the UN Trusteeship Council to supervise the management of the Global Commons.

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Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC)

The WFMC supports the protection of human rights through building global human rights frameworks. We believe that reinforcing international justice requires reinforcing the International Criminal Court's (ICC) ability to hold human rights violators accountable. The WFMC is a long-time member of the global Coalition for the International Criminal Court and continues to monitor progress of the ICC and related international justice issues.

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Law not War

The "Law Not War" initiative is a global campaign aimed at enhancing the jurisdiction and use of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to assist countries in resolving international disputes peacefully, rather than through force or the threat of force. The main goal of the initiative is to increase the number of states that accept the compulsory jurisdiction of the ICJ, with the hope of achieving universal acceptance by 2045, which will mark the 100th anniversary of the United Nations. The campaign focuses on promoting the greater use of the ICJ by UN bodies, encouraging states to utilize the ICJ by mutual agreement for disputes, and supporting the inclusion of compulsory ICJ jurisdiction clauses in international treaties.

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World Federalist Conference

The World Federalist Conference was held in February around the theme "Collaborative solutions for a sustainable future." The 2024 conference provided a platform for thought leaders, experts, and advocates to engage in substantive discussions on global environmental governance. Participants enjoyed panel discussions, guest speakers, and interactive sessions aimed at discussing equitable and effective world governance.

One day of the two-day conference was dedicated to a Model United National Parliamentary Assembly, where delegate participate in Committee Sessions to draft, discuss, and adopt resolutions to address the climate crisis.

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UN Summit for the Future

The Coalition for the UN We Need (C4UN) is an initiative focused on fostering a new kind of multilateralism that emphasizes generosity, true partnership, mutualism, justice, and the fulfillment of promises made. It seeks to respond to the interconnectedness of today's world, which demands new relationships that go beyond treaties, trade, and capital to include trust, integrity, solidarity, and a shared commitment to the well-being of all​​.

C4UN, formerly known as UN2020, is dedicated to advancing efforts in partnership with global community well-wishers towards this new paradigm for global governance. It operates under the belief that civil society is not just a voice of criticism or conscience but also a guiding force that dictates the direction governments should take. This approach calls for whole-of-society engagement, recognizing that solutions to global challenges cannot be achieved by governments or any single pillar of society independently​​.

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