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The WFM-Canada shares events hosted by headquarters, our regional branches, and our international partners to highlight events that discuss pressing topics related to world federalism and global governance.

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Global Democracy for a Just Global Economy | Event Summary

This particular event series, hosted by WFM-Canada's Toronto Branch, delves into thought-provoking discussions about democracy's trajectory and its global implications. The Toronto Branch's resident economist Peter Venton, kicked off the session by...

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Who Will Represent the WFM-Canada at the Ventotene International Seminar?

The 2024 World Federalist Conference hosted the Model United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA), a key event uniting young leaders and world federalists for an engaging simulation mirroring a global parliament's operations. This...

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In Defense of an Idealist Approach to UN Reform

As World Federalists with aspirations for a more democratic and peaceful world, we are no strangers to criticisms that our proposals are “overly ambitious” or “unachievable.” Although most tend to...

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Equitable Framework to Address & Combat Climate Change

Read this resolution from the 2024 World Federalist Conference on the Promotion of sustainable trade frameworks for economic development policies sponsored by the delegates of Central Asia, China Delegation, Germany (Western...

Photos From Fergus Watt's Retirement Celebration

The retirement celebration of Fergus Watt was a memorable event that marked the culmination of a distinguished career dedicated to promoting global peace, democracy, and international cooperation. The hybrid meeting,...

Vancouver News

Time for a UN Spring

“The absolute refusal of the P5 to brook even small reforms seems absurd . . . . I do not know when the Council equivalent of an Arab Spring will...

Will Canada champion global democracy?

Canadians can be proud of their notable contributions to the United Nations, including vital support for the Land Mines Treaty and the International Criminal Court. If the Liberal government wishes...

Toward a “UN Spring"

February 3, 2015 Canadian Federalists Take On the Security Council By Vivian Davidson President, World Federalist Movement-Canada (Vancouver chapter)   The United Nations is currently locked in a rigid and outdated...

The Solution is a Global Vision

  The quote “never, never, never give up” by Winston Churchill comes to mind when trying to understand and counter the global regression we are in with re-arming of nuclear weaponry, ...

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