Meet Our Board of Directors

World Federalist Movement Canada - Board of Directors

President: Walter Dorn

Chair of the Board: Nic Baird

Secretary: Robin Collins

Treasurer: Nancy Regehr

Chair of the Executive Committee: Karen Hamilton


Walter Dorn

Dr Walter Dorn is a Professor of Defence Studies at the Canadian Forces College (CFC) and the Royal Military College of Canada. He serves as Chair of the Department of Security and International Affairs at CFC. He is also Chair of Canadian Pugwash, an organization of physical, life and social scientists seeking to reduce the threats to global security. Dr. Dorn seeks to promote international peace and security through teaching, research and service (including field work).  His most recent book is “Keeping Watch: Monitoring, Technology, and Innovation in UN Peace Operations.”


Robin Collins

Robin Collins has been with WFMC on Council for several years, including as national secretary. His focus is on improving global responses to crises that can lead to military interventions. His interests include alternative security options, the UN Emergency Peace Service, sustainable common security and Responsibility to Protect (R2P). He has been involved in a range of disarmament campaigns including for the elimination of nuclear weapons, antipersonnel mines and cluster munitions.


Nancy Regehr

Nancy retired in 2011 as associate executive director of Project Ploughshares in Waterloo after more than 30 years of service, where she was instrumental in developing the organization’s financial systems and fundraising programs, and in addition was responsible for personnel management and board support. Nancy has a certificate in nonprofit and voluntary sector management from Ryerson University in Toronto. Nancy recently completed nine years as a board member of her condominium corporation, the last six years as president, and is currently the chair of the Grand Philharmonic Choir, vice-chair of MennoHomes, and the chair of the Centre for Security Governance.

Chair of the Executive Committee

Karen Hamilton

Dr. Hamilton is also a long-term member of the World Federalist Movement - Canada and an executive member of the international World Federalist Movement for which she chaired the Statutes and By-Laws revision.

Dr. Hamilton currently serves as Co-Chair of The Parliament of the World's Religions and leads an Interfaith course through St. George's College, Jerusalem.


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