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Stop the aggression and protect civilians in Ukraine

Right now, people in Ukraine are facing a catastrophic human rights crisis. People are dying, including children, and many thousands of lives are at risk. Take action to demand that the Russian authorities stop this act of aggression and protect civilians now. 

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Support the right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment

The world’s dire ecological situation, and the challenges faced by present and future generations, are increasingly clear. Youth are protesting in the streets and in the courts, as calls for deep transformation and renewal are heard from all segments of society.

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The situation in Ukraine and nuclear threat level

On Sunday, February 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert. In light of these unprovoked escalations in tensions, western governments must consider how to respond to this revived threat of nuclear war.

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Open Letter to the States Parties of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty

Nuclear weapons threaten current and future generations. It is time to start phasing out the role of nuclear weapons in security doctrines and develop a practical plan to achieve the peace and security of a nuclear-weapon-free world. 

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Open Letter to the Prime Minister on Global Vaccine Equity

The Canadian Public Health Association has just penned an open letter to the Government of Canada calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to dedicate a greater degree of resources to supporting the equitable global supply of vaccines.

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Canada's commitment to UN peacekeeping

Canada currently provides only 27 military personnel among the 88,000 in UN service. And the military now has fewer teaching activities on peacekeeping than it did a decade ago, even though Canada was once a world leader in that sphere.

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