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TAKE ACTION January 2022: Afghan Women: They are the revolution, stand with them

The Taliban’s seizure of power in Afghanistan on August, 15th 2021 has resulted in sweeping changes to the lives of all Afghans, but Afghan women and girls face particularly dire restrictions on their rights in their daily lives.  

Afghan women held political offices, attended schools and universities, ran their own businesses, and were employed across sectors. Now, except for women working in a few sectors, most Afghan women have been told that they cannot work and should stay at home until laws and procedures related to women are put in place. Girls above grade six are unable to go to school, while rigid gender segregation restrictions at universities have severely curtailed the possibilities for many young women to pursue a meaningful university education.  

In addition to losing their access to education and employment, women now face increased threats of gender-based violence, and severe restrictions on their rights to freedom of movement, freedom of assembly and expression including their choice of clothing.  

Afghan women have achieved quite a lot over the last 20 years despite political instability and conflict. They now face an imminent risk of losing these gains under the present Taliban authorities.  

The international community has made several commitments to continue supporting women’s rights in Afghanistan. It’s time to put their words into action!  

Sign the petition to urge the governments of the world to:  

  • Urge international governments to get together and leverage their power with the Taliban – to negotiate with them the urgent need to address women's and girls’ rights as a non-negotiable issue.
Ask the international community to:
  • Use available leverage during negotiations with the Taliban authorities to address women's and girls’ rights as a non-negotiable issue.  
  • Engage with women human rights defenders and activists from Afghanistan to understand the ground realities and work with them to support women’s rights in Afghanistan.    
  • Allocate funds for the implementation of programmes and projects on the advancement of women’s rights in Afghanistan. 


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