Ventotene International Seminar

What is the Ventotene International Seminar?

Michah Sageev (Technion) of the Altiero Spinelli Institute for Federalist Studies has been organizing an international seminar on the island of Ventotene since 1982. This island off the Italian coast is where Altiero Spinelli and Ernesto Rossi, authors of the Ventotene Manifesto, were imprisoned during the Second World War.

Young federalists gather here annually, with leading experts from the European and World Federalist Movement, to explore federalist thinking on European and global issues. Last year the UEF and WFM celebrated the Montreux declaration and saw the participation of the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella. The seminar is a unique and intensive experience in European and Federalist studies. This is the most important federalist seminar in Europe and the world. At least one session of the international seminar is dedicated to global issues and world federalism. There is space for 30 young applicants to the 2022 event, taking place from the 11th until the 16th of September 2023.

Interested in getting invovled?

We Support Youth Participation!

The World Federalist Movement Canada will select up to a maximum of 3 young participants to recieve the opportunity to attend thee conference with their costs reimbursed

Why we beleive its important to support youth participation

The WFM-Canada is sponsoring youth to attend the federalist conference in Ventotene, Italy for several reasons that are consistent with our organizational values:

  • Exposure to International Perspectives: Attending a federalist conference in Italy can give the sponsored youth member exposure to diverse and international perspectives on issues related to world federalism. This can broaden their understanding of the movement and help them gain new insights and ideas that they can bring back to the Toronto branch.

  • Networking Opportunities: The conference can also provide networking opportunities with other attendees from around the world, including potential future partners and collaborators. This can help the Toronto branch establish connections with other organizations and individuals in the world federalist movement, increasing their reach and influence.

  • Youth Involvement: Sponsoring a youth member to attend the conference demonstrates a commitment to youth involvement and engagement within the World Federalist Movement. This can encourage more young people to get involved in the movement and help to create a more diverse and representative leadership.

  • Increased Visibility: Supporting a youth member to attend an international conference can also help to increase the visibility of the Toronto branch within the World Federalist Movement. This can help to position the branch as a leader in the movement and increase their influence and impact.

  • Inspiration and Motivation: Attending the conference can also be a source of inspiration and motivation for the sponsored youth member, helping to reinforce their commitment to the movement and providing them with new ideas and strategies to bring back to the Toronto branch.


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