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Book Club | Session 2: Kekashan Basu on Keep Hope Alive: Essays for a War-Free World

WFM-Canada teamed up with Citizens for Global Solutions (CGS) to co-hosted a compelling book club session, exploring the second half of the honourable Douglas Roche's "Keep Hope Alive: Essays for a War-Free World," from pages 88 to 160. This session featured an engaging Q&A with Kekashan Basu, founder and president of Green Hope Foundation and Youth Ambassador for the World Future Council. She is a prominent figure in global advocacy for peace and sustainability, and the Honourable Roche mentions her by name in chapter 15 of the book.

Kekashan shared her insights on how the principles laid out in Roche's essays resonate with current global initiatives for peace and sustainable development. She shared the important work being done by Green Hope Foundation to mobilize youth and women, particularly from vulnerable communities, in the sustainable development process across 28 countries.

Participants had the opportunity to engage directly with Kekashan, discussing the intersection of peace, human rights, and environmental sustainability. This dialogue underscored the importance of inclusive and participatory approaches to global governance, a theme central to both Roche's writings and Basu’s initiatives. Another key theme from Roche's book that Kekeshan discussed was humanity's capacity to achieve a peaceful and just coexistence through the U.N.'s New Agenda for Peace and its sustainable development goals. Basu’s reflections on how her global advocacy work has been informed by these guiding principles enriched the discussion and spotlighted practical actions and grassroots strategies to foster global peace.

The session provided a deeper understanding of Roche’s essays and celebrated the powerful synergy between theoretical frameworks and real-world activism. As we continue to host these joint sessions with CGS, WFM-Canada remains committed to fostering a community of informed and engaged global citizens, ready to contribute to a more peaceful world.

Stay tuned for future events by visiting CGS Book Club Schedule and joining our community discussions that bridge literature and impactful global advocacy!

Watch the Book Club | Session 1: Douglas Roche on Keep Hope Alive: Essays for a War-Free World

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