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Getting involved with world federalism

Do you want to learn more about world federalism or support the campaigns of WFMC?

Here are some ideas:

Toronto Branch

Efforts to re-establish a branch in Toronto have been successful and, over September and October the new branch has had several meetings.

About twenty people attended the first Toronto meeting in September which included a presentation by WFMC President Dr Walter Dorn and a discussion on forming the branch.

Further meetings have discussed the Branch’s constitution and determined an executive (picture, taken by John Cowan, above). Helmut Burkhardt will serve as Branch President.

The branch has a Facebook group and their next meeting is this Sunday, November 27th at 2pm in the West Hall of the First Lutheran Church Toronto, 116 Bond Street. All are welcome, members of WFMC and non-members.

(In Vancouver? Victoria? Montreal? Go here for info on our other branches.)

Canadian Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly: Help Wanted

In Canada’s last Parliament, 72 MPs and Senators supported the international appeal calling for establishment of a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations. Following the election, and turnover in the Senate, that number is now less than 40. A UNPA is considered a practical step toward the democratization of global governance and would be a catalyst for further UN reforms.
WFM – Canada has initiated a campaign to increase Canadian parliamentary support for the establishing a parliamentary assembly at the UN. Individualized letters have been sent to all MPs & Senators. Following a reminder email at month’s end we hope to begin the follow-up — contacting MP offices. WFMC members and supporters are asked to help with this campaign. If you could dedicate some time to help with the follow-up advocacy (emailing or telephoning MP offices), please contact Fergus Watt or Blake MacLeod.

WF-Exchange email discussion list

WF-Exchange is an email discussion forum for all members and supporters of WFMC to post and discuss news articles and exchange views related to World Federalism.

Topics include peace and security, global governance, responsibility to protect, peacekeeping and other issues. Recent discussions have covered articles such as Peggy Mason’s op-ed in the Toronto Star on peacekeeping and a recent article in the Hill Times by WFMC President Walter Dorn and Evan Cinq-Mars on Peacekeeping in Central African Republic a smart, but not risk-free, choice (which is behind a pay wall), as well as discussion of Colombian peace process, the potential consequences of Trump’s election, and other issues of interest to World Federalists.

To subscribe to WF-Exchange, please email the list administrator.

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