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Has your MP endorsed the Appeal for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly?

van-worldpal14Globalization, information technologies and the need for improvements to global governance across a range of issues have made the system of international organizations based on sovereign nation-states outdated. How can we address the global democratic deficit?

Wide cross-sections of the public do not feel sufficiently represented by their government in international institutions and negotiation processes.

The basic purpose of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly is to address this democracy deficit by including citizens in global decision-making through elected officials and thus provide a more representative voice of global public opinion.

WFMC participates actively in the Campaign for the Establishment of a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations (UNPA). Our support for a UNPA is rooted in our organization’s dedication to the principles of democracy and the rule of law.

What you can do

In the last Parliament, over 70 Canadian parliamentarians supported the UNPA appeal. Following the 2015 election and changes in the Senate, that number is now down to 32. Our goal is to get the number of UNPA supporters from Canada’s parliament up over 100!

A few days ago the WFMC national office sent all Canadian MPs and Senators a personalized letter inviting them to support the proposed UNPA.

Contact your Member of Parliament or the Senators from your province and urge them to endorse the international Appeal for a UNPA.

1) See if your MP or Senators from your province have already signed.

(The Parliament of Canada website allows you to search MPs by postal code and Senators by province if you want to identify a particular MP or senator to write to.)

2) Write or email your MP and ask them to endorse the international Appeal for a UNPA.

Please send a copy of the appeal along with a personalized letter. A sample letter is available.

3) Join the Facebook group UNPA Canada Campaign a meeting place for UNPA campaign supporters in Canada!


Appeal for the establishment of a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations

The text of the appeal.

Establishing a UN Parliamentary Assembly: the Basics

An overview document explaining the details of how a UNPA could be established, including context, purpose, legal scope and so on.

The Case for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly by Dieter Heinrich

Reprint, supplemented with a preface by Andreas Bummel and an afterword by the author, March 2010

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