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New WFM-Canada Executive Director

With the retirement of the dedicated, visionary and long-serving Fergus Watt, and his moving to further work on the Coalition for the UN We Need project, the World Federalist Movement – Canada now has a new Executive Director: Alexandre MacIsaac!

Growing up following his parents’ work in international development and living in Nepal, India, and Bolivia (among others), Alex has always been committed to establishing a democratic world community. He has participated in and founded various political groups and student clubs throughout his collegial, undergraduate, and graduate studies, including but not limited to the Debating League of Mississauga and Global Federalist Association. Alex’s drive for world federalism is mixed with a non-partisan approach to politics and balanced with a respect for national and local sovereignty. Having worked at Elections Canada over the last few years dealing directly with candidates and political parties, Alex is most passionate about projects targeted towards establishing and reforming global democratic systems. However, he recognizes that all five critical and interrelated topics in world federalist ideals – (1) Robust World Democracy, (2) Equitable, Stable and Growing World Economy, (3) Sustainable World Environment, (4) Universal Human Rights/Justice, and (5) World Peace and Security – deserve not only our heedfulness but also our utmost dedication to their achievement.

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