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Remembering Nita Dunn

Nita Dunn, who worked for over eight years at the national office of the World Federalists, passed away Friday March 16 at her home on Bowen Island B.C., after a long struggle with Multiple Myeloma.

Loyal, bookish and hard working, Nita took care to combine her professional work with the political and social causes she believed in. Prior to joining the World Federalists she worked with organizations in Ottawa that supported adult literacy.

In an email to Nita’s friends and colleagues her daughter, Rachel Holme wrote, “My mom was the most generous person I’ve ever known — to a fault. She often gave to others at the expense of herself, but as she saw it, they were in greater need.”

Nita also had a soft spot for society’s underdogs – e.g. bargain Canadian wine, the Vancouver Canucks, her fellow winter cyclists, the NDP.

She lived much longer than medical professionals initially suggested was likely. Yet she was also known to annoy doctors and other specialists by occasionally refusing certain treatments if her own research indicated another course of action.

Nita was captain of her own ship.

She didn’t like to be the centre of attention; family members are not marking her passing with a large public service. She did indicate that those who knew her could send a donation to the World Federalist Foundation. Or, as Rachel advised, “Go out for a good meal and a good glass of wine. Think of her life and not her death.”

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