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TakeAction: Building a stronger United Nations

This September, world leaders arrive at the UN in New York to draw attention to the issues that matter to their countries and discuss how best to cooperate globally to address the major crises humanity faces.

From climate change to pandemics to conflict, one theme underpins all these issues: the need for stronger and more effective international cooperation as a means of solving them.In 2020 there is an intergovernmental process as part of the UN’s 75th anniversary commemorations to consider how the UN needs to adapt to become more effective.

This September there will be a packed agenda. But given the centrality of next year’s process to solving the issues being discussed, it is vital that attention is given to UN75 this September, otherwise the opportunity could be squandered by leaving preparations until too late.

What you can do

Write to Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland and ask that Canada highlight the need to make UN2020 a year of action to strengthen multilateralism

Some points that you may consider making in your letter are included below.

Ask that the Canadian government:

  • Include in relevant speeches at the UN the need to make the most of the UN’s 75th anniversary process next year to strengthen multilateralism.
  • Make a donation to the UN@75 Trust Fund set up by the UN to support the process.
  • Declare their intention to attend next year’s summit on 21 September 2020 at the highest level and challenge others to do the same.
  • Call for civil society inclusion in all discussions and activities around the future of the UN.
  • Highlight the ways in which progress on the SDGs, climate, cyber security and other major challenges are dependent on a healthy international rules-based system.

An example letter for you to adapt is available here.

This TakeAction has been developed collaboratively by UN2020 and Together First.

About UN2020

The UN2020 Initiative provides a platform to promote cooperation and dialogue among civil society groups, governments and the UN in support of a people-centred multilateralism. Since January 2017, UN2020 has facilitated discussions on the need for a successful, well prepared 75th anniversary commemoration for the UN in 2020, that will include a meaningful process of stocktaking, review and strengthening of the multilateral system.

About Together First

Together First is a new global movement of organizations and individuals committed to creating a global system that works for all. We champion pragmatic steps to improve our global governance system so that it is better able to address the most pressing risks facing the world. Our starting point is that discussions on global governance and the future of multilateralism must be open, inclusive and accountable to all stakeholders.

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