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UN2020: Get Involved Now!

pdf available

by Nancy Dunlavy

An update on UN2020 and the United Nations’ UN75 campaign appears on page 12 of this Mondial issue.

So … how can individuals, WFMC branches, or globally-engaged organizations and communities participate? I offer some ideas in this article:

Be informed! Take a look at the wealth of information available:

Sign up for updates and actions from UN2020:

Sign up to support and receive news from Together First (, a growing movement of global citizens “committed to making the best ideas for global governance a reality.” You can also submit a proposal to Together First on how a reform to our global system could be implemented.

Share the news

WFMC shares UN2020 updates in our monthly news email. If you are not already on our email list, sign up at then, when you receive these notices, please read and share widely!

Take and share the UN75’s short survey.

Current URL is If the address changes, it can be found in the UN75 toolkit (

Participate in or host social media chats or online discussions.

Ideas for implementation are available in the UN75 toolkit: (

Host a local UN75 Global Conversation (or a series of them!) in your community. This can be as simple as a “house party” or as large as a multi-partner series of events open to the entire community. The UN75 Toolkit is a great resource for ideas (

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