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UN2020 moving forward despite Coronavirus restrictions

With the UN buildings in New York shuttered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the organization’s meetings and work is currently taking place online. The lack of face-to-face meetings frequently leads to postponed or truncated negotiations. Decisions are often based to an even greater extent than usual on a “lowest common denominator” — the minimum that all member states can agree to.

Nevertheless, discussions are moving forward on a political declaration to be adopted by world leaders at a Leaders Summit to commemorate the organization’s 75th anniversary scheduled for September 21.

The UN2020 Campaign is focused on leveraging the UN’s 75th anniversary as an opportunity to take stock and strengthen the United Nations system in order that it may better cope with existing and emerging global challenges. With the COVID crisis demonstrating further the need to strengthen international cooperation, campaigners are calling for the September Summit to mandate a process of institutional strengthening (perhaps a new Commission on Global Governance). The UN2020 Campaign has recently distributed a Communique to media, governments and other stakeholders. And last week a document feeding suggestions to ambassadors negotiating the intergovernmental political declaration was circulated to key UN missions.

In addition to these advocacy initiatives, a large online “People’s Forum” is scheduled for May 14-15. The Forum will adopt a civil society “UN75 People’s Declaration and Plan of Action for the UN We Need.”

There are ways you can participate in the UN2020 campaign ahead of the People’s Forum:

  • Contribute your ideas and recommendations to the UN2020 Call for Inputs for the UN75 People’s Declaration and Plan of Action;
  • As we commemorate this UN 75th anniversary, contribute your stories, messages, and good wishes for the future success of the UN. Go to and say #ThankYouUN

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