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Corey Levine on "Afghanistan: what can and should the international community do?" - June 2022 Event

Today, less than a year later the world's attention has switched to Ukraine and Afghanistan mostly forgotten.  What next?  Will another country be invaded and Ukraine also forgotten? We in the World Federalist Movement should not flit from conflict to conflict. Even as we react to what is happening in Ukraine we cannot forget Afghanistan (and other past and present conflicts).

The Montreal Branch of the WFMC is hosting another presentation by Corey Levine on Tuesday June 21st from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM (EST) on the topic  "Afghanistan: what can and should the international community do?"

Corey Levine will address what's happening in Afghanistan, especially in light of the situation in Ukraine and how this has pushed Afghanistan out of the media and people’s minds. Her presentation will provide us with an overall analysis regarding the latest with the humanitarian crisis, the Taliban government, and Canada’s commitment to bring in 40,000 Afghans along with a unique take based on her own experiences abroad.

I hope to see you all at the event. Please click here to register for the June 21st, 2022 event!

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