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WFMC News for February 2023

Meet our new Policy Youth Fellows!

WFM - Canada is excited to introduce Saba Qureshi and Mostafa Sharkawi to our executive team!

Meet Saba!

Saba is the Communications Coordinator for the Mental Health and Wellness Café, a non-profit organization committed to mental health advocacy and support for immigrant and refugee communities with a focus on South Asian youth, located in Toronto.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies with a Minor in Indigenous Studies from Carleton University. As a Master's of Public Policy Candidate at the Munk School for Global Affairs and Public Policy and aspiring policy analyst, she hopes to examine the influence of Indigenous-settler relations on Canadian policy processes and advance reconciliation efforts between newcomer and Indigenous communities. 

She cites her lived experiences as a Kashmiri settler-immigrant and ongoing commitment to social advocacy as her motivation behind pursuing a career in public policy. 


Meet Mostafa!

Mostafa is a fourth-year student at the University of Toronto majoring in International Relations and Public Policy. He has previously worked at the House of Commons and Delphic Research. His work has appeared at the Yale Review of International Studies and the University of Michigan Journal of Political Science. His research interests include Middle Eastern politics, authoritarianism and political violence.

WFM-Canada signs endorsement to nominate the International Criminal Court for the Noble Peace Prize

The International Criminal Court is a valuable global institution for creating a more justice and accountable global order.

Our Executive Director, Alex MacIsaac co-signed to support the candidacy of the ICC for the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize. As world federalists we advocate for peace, which we believe is achieved not through the absence of war, but through the presence of good laws, justice, and institutions with strong accountability mechanisms. We deserve a world system that is accountable and works to prevent human suffering. We have the communication capacity and global connectivity to create a system that can govern better and empower our world community. 

"This initiative is an opportunity to take a stand against those who, in the past, would have had no one to answer to after committing widespread, systematic international crimes. In the midst of the illegal war waged against Ukraine by Putin, with the undeniable evidence of the atrocious crimes being committed, it is crucial to highlight the role of the ICC and its ongoing investigation into possible war crimes.

In the current geopolitical context, the rules-based order and the multilateral governance system are increasingly challenged. We understand that International justice can contribute to long‐term peace, stability and equitable development in post‐conflict societies. These elements are the pillars of a future free of violence."


Upcoming Events!

Knowing the WFM from the inside with Alex MacIsaac

Tune in Tuesday March 21st at 11am EST to hear WFM-Canada Executive Director Alex MacIsaac talk with Camila Lopez Badra of the WFM-IGP on Instagram live about how our organization advocates for world federalism! Alex will discuss the below questions: 

  • What is WFM-Canada? What are its goals and objectives?

  • Which campaigns does WFM-Canada carry out?

  • Why is it important to focus on World Federalism?

  • Can I be part of and collaborate with WFM-Canada?

  • What are the next activities that WFM-Canada will organize?

The event will take place on Instagram live.

Time: Mar 21, 16:00 (UTC) | 11:00 a.m (EST)



Don't miss WFM-IGP's upcoming event!

An Introduction to Atlas’ Consultation on the Future of Global Governance

Through the “Future of Global Governance” project, Atlas will work to design, build, and launch such a democratic, people-led transnational governance system to unite humankind beyond national borders and truly be One. 

Time: Mar 4, 17:00 (UTC) / 18:00 (CET) / 12:00 (EST)

The Earth Constitution and World Parliament: What’s Happening Today?

Dr. Glen Martin talks with the Toronto Branch next month!

It has been widely recognized for many years that the current United Nations has shortcomings. Beginning in 1958 the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) gathered a series of global conferences to draft the “Constitution for the Federation of The Earth” It was first published in 1974. In 1977 a call for ratification by the nations and peoples of Earth was issued, and the Earth Constitution was presented to the UN General Assembly. We recommend you look at the document before the seminar since Dr. Martin will only provide highlights of the Earth Constitution.

The Earth Constitution defines a “Provisional World Parliament” which has met 15 times since 1982, writing 52 “World Legislative Acts” Dr Martin will discuss what is happening today with this movement and how it relates to other movements aimed at improving global governance.

Dr. Glen Martin is an author, lecturer, and professor of philosophy emeritus at Radford University in Virginia. He is Director of the Earth Constitution Institute (ECI) and President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), organizations that sponsor the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

Time: April, 16th at 2:00 - 3:30 PM EST



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