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WFMC News for November 2022

Anxiety Looms As Global Economy Enters Shutdown

By Bohlale Loysio Bam

With a pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and a global economy in crisis, the world sets its sights on an uncertain future. The global COVID-19 pandemic shifted everything from how we work to the functioning of our economies.
Recently the IMF warned of a looming global recession as economic expansion is likely to slow down by up to 3.2% this year. According to the latest IMF report, the war in Ukraine and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, have fostered uncertainty in the global economy, disrupting key sectors of the economy, mainly the global supply chain. Rising prices and geopolitical fragmentation have impacted global trade and cooperation; inflation has also risen substantially as countries continue to recover from the impacts of the pandemic. China has felt the brunt of the pandemic’s force as disruptions to the global supply chain, increased outbreaks, and lockdowns threaten the country’s growth. Ukraine’s inability to export grain products across the world have affected the global food supply, adding further strain to an already frenzied supply chain, and China, the world’s largest exporter. All these compounding factors cast a dark shadow on global economic growth.

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In branch news, the Toronto branch of the World Federalist Movement invites residents of the region below 30 years of age to become full members at no cost. One benefit of membership is that individuals can stand for election to any executive position on the Toronto branch's board of directors. This change is meant to encourage youth to join the Toronto branch's board of directors and bring their passion to the organization!

What does full membership grant you?
  • Entitlement to vote as a full member of the branch when Toronto Region Branch members are polled by the branch
  • Entitlement to stand for elections to any executive position on our branch's board of directors.
  • If elected to the Board of Directors, become involved in taking the World Federalist Movement in the Toronto Region into the future,
  • Lead and/or participate in projects such as starting up a Youth Wing in the Toronto Region (or lead any other project you are passionate about that is approved by the Toronto Region Board of Directors).
  • Moderate/Facilitate our public events
  • Receive direct notification of branch activities, national activities & publications
  • Work in support of our Mission creates opportunities to mingle with the local knowledge base while gaining valuable life skills.
To qualify you will have to:
  • Be under the age of 30.
  • Be passionate about one or more of our causes (Global Democracy, World Peace & Security, Global Environment, Universal Human Rights, Global Economy) and believe in World Federalism as a means to attain them.
  • Agree to our Code of Conduct


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