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WFMC organizes ICC meeting

WFM – Canada has partnered with officials at Global Affairs Canada to organize a meeting among Canadian civil society representatives and members of the Canadian delegation to the Assembly of States Parties (ASP) to the International Criminal Court (17th session, December 5 to 12, The Hague).

There will be some highly charged discussions again at this year’s ASP. The agenda has been revised to add an item on “Addressing the threats directed at the International Criminal Court, its Judges and States Parties cooperating with the Court” following a controversial speech attacking the court by U.S. National Security Advisor (and long-time foe of the ICC), John Bolton.

In an opinion article in the Globe and Mail entitled “It’s not the International Criminal Court that’s dangerous – it’s John Bolton,” Erna Paris commented that, ”For Mr. Bolton, the ICC is the epitome of what he hates, which is anything that challenges American exceptionalism. What he conjured up was an epic battle between so-called global governance and the nation state.

“Mr. Bolton called the court a dangerous, illegitimate, unaccountable conspiracy – an institution whose “central aim” is to target Americans. The trigger for his diatribe was the announcement that the ICC prosecutor will investigate alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity by American soldiers in Afghanistan.” Mr. Bolton’s speech included threatening to bar Court officials from entering the United States, even though the Chief Prosecutor and other officials routinely provide reports to various organs of the United Nations in New York.

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