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Empowering Youth through Policy and Advocacy: WFM-Canada's Youth Engagement Strategy

WFM-Canada has been committed to expanding our youth engagement programs. We've strategically partnered with key organizations and educational institutions in the community and beyond to highlight the pivotal role that young people play in shaping the future of global governance and world federalism. These collaborations aim to empower young Canadians, providing them with the tools and opportunities to engage deeply with issues of global importance.

In this update, learn about WFM-Canada's landmark efforts to provide opportunities and engage youth on world federalism:

  1. WFM-Canada's Youth Representative at the Ventotene International Seminar
  2. Policy Youth Fellowship Program
  3. Building Bridges with Academia:
    1. McMaster Experience Venture Program
    2. CSL (Ottawa University)
    3. World Federalist Clubs

WFM-Canada's Youth Representative at the Ventotene International Seminar

Meet Nada Abdallah, winner of the Outstanding Delegate Award at the 2024 Model United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA), held at the second annual World Federalist ConferenceDelegates engaged in three mock committee sessions of a UNPA Plenary session on the topic of collaborative solutions for a sustainable future

These sessions are designed to simulate a real-world legislative body that could potentially exist within the UN system. This innovative concept aims to give a more direct voice to global citizens in international affairs, proposing a form of representative democracy on a global scale. For passionate youth, the UNPA provides a unique opportunity not only to learn about international diplomacy and legislative processes, but also to actively participate in drafting resolutions and strategies focused on sustainable development, climate action, and global peace efforts. For more information on this initiative, visit Campaign for a UNPA.

For one delegate, the opportunity doesn't end there; the Outstanding Delegate is given the chance to represent WFM-Canada at the Ventotene International Seminar. This year's event, scheduled for September 1st-6th, is hosted by the Altiero Spinelli Institute and will convene young leaders, scholars, and activists from around the globe to engage in deep discussions about the future of global governance and the role of federalism in achieving a peaceful and sustainable world.

At Ventotene, Nada will have the invaluable opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from experienced international relations experts, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue about how best to address the pressing global issues that face today’s interconnected world. This seminar not only enriches participants' understanding of complex global dynamics but also strengthens their ability to influence and lead change through the lens of world federalism.

Learn more about Nada Abdallah

Policy Youth Fellowship Program

One of our cornerstone initiatives is the partnership with the Urban Alliance for Racial Relations. This collaboration supports the Policy Youth Fellowship, a program designed to engage young individuals in the intricacies of policy-making with a focus on racial equality and justice. Participants in the fellowship have made significant contributions to policy discussions and have developed practical solutions that address racial disparities. Their efforts are encapsulated in a comprehensive report which can be viewed here. This partnership not only amplifies youth voices but also equips them with essential skills in policy analysis and advocacy.


Building Bridges with Academia

Partnerships With McMaster and Ottawa University

WFM-Canada also collaborates with leading universities to harness the energy and innovation of students. At McMaster University, we are involved in the Experience Venture Program which connects students with non-profits for mutual learning and growth. This program allows students to work on real-world projects that complement their academic pursuits while making a tangible impact in the field of world federalism.

Similarly, our partnership with the University of Ottawa's Community Service Learning (CSL) Program offers students a platform to engage with cutting-edge startups and technologies that can influence global governance structures. These experiences prepare them for roles as future leaders and change-makers, advocating for systemic global changes.





World Federalist Clubs Initiative

The McMaster World Federalist Club represents another vital aspect of our youth engagement strategy. This club is driven by volunteer students passionate about international relations and global policy. The club organizes events, workshops, and seminars that stimulate discussion and action on world federalism topics. By volunteering, students gain leadership skills, expand their professional networks, and contribute to spreading the principles of world federalism among the youth demographic.


Through these diverse partnerships and initiatives, WFM-Canada is proud to foster a robust community of individuals from diverse walks of life who are not only prepared to face the challenges of today but are also equipped to lead global change tomorrow. Our Youth Engagement Strategy is more than just a program - it's a commitment to the next generation!

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