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TakeAction September 2023: Urgent Call for Aid, Solidarity, and Attention on the Sudan Crisis

In a united front, the WFM-Canada joins over 50 human rights and humanitarian organizations are coming together to shed light on the unfolding disaster in Sudan. The situation has escalated to a critical point, with ongoing violence, escalating sexual violence, and targeted attacks on civilians and advocates. The nation stands at the brink of mass atrocities, and it's imperative that the world takes immediate action.

How is the Crisis Escalating? 

Forced Displacement and Suffering

Since the eruption of hostilities in Sudan's capital this April, a staggering five million people have been uprooted from their homes. Tragically, hundreds of thousands more may soon join them. These displaced individuals are struggling in overcrowded camps, facing limited access to humanitarian aid, and are bereft of proper educational and psychological support, leaving them to grapple with the trauma of their experiences.

Food Insecurity and Impending Famine

Within Sudan's borders, a staggering 20 million people, constituting 42% of the population, are grappling with acute food insecurity. Alarmingly, six million of them stand on the precipice of famine. Heartbreakingly, at least 498 children have succumbed to hunger. Medical facilities and caregivers, essential lifelines for communities in crisis, are under relentless attack, rendering 80% of major hospitals inoperable.

Escalation of Hate Speech and Ethnic Targeting

The surge in hate speech, particularly targeting communities based on racial attributes, is a grave concern. The social fabric of the nation is increasingly frayed, with some factions directing violence against civilians based on their ethnicity. Shockingly, survivors of sexual violence in Darfur report their assailants expressing the desire for them to bear children in their name, indicating an even darker turn of events.

Lessons: A Failure to Heed the Lessons of Darfur

Two decades after the atrocities in Darfur, we find ourselves falling short in addressing the crisis at hand. Current mediation efforts, though well-intentioned, have proven insufficient. There exists a concerning hesitancy to take decisive action. The voices of Sudan's civilians, including women, youth, and representatives from historically marginalized communities, have not been amplified as they should.

The failure to prevent mass atrocities in the past serves as a haunting reminder of the consequences of inaction. This requires a paradigm shift in our approach, one that places the needs and voices of the Sudanese people at the forefront of our efforts. The repercussions of continued inaction are too dire to contemplate. It is our collective responsibility to rise above political hesitancy and bureaucratic inertia, and to take the decisive steps needed to alleviate the suffering in Sudan. The time for action is now.

A Unified Call for Aid, Solidarity, and Attention

The WFM-Canada stands united in our commitment to press for increased aid, unwavering solidarity, and heightened attention to the plight of Sudan's civilians. The UN's humanitarian appeal is woefully underfunded, with just a quarter of the required funds secured. Sudan's conflicting parties persist in obstructing safe aid delivery. Donors must step forward with increased funding for both local and international organizations, which play an indispensable role in providing aid in Sudan and neighboring regions.

It is imperative that the UN Security Council moves beyond rhetoric and initiates discussions to pass a resolution that challenges the prevailing culture of impunity. This resolution must reaffirm international law's demand for safe and unrestricted humanitarian access, while redirecting global efforts towards safeguarding Sudan's most vulnerable populations. The consequences of inaction are too dire to contemplate.

Conclusion: Urgency for UN Security Council Intervention

The Sudan crisis is a call to action for the international community. We must unite in our efforts to avert further catastrophe and extend a lifeline to the millions suffering in Sudan. This joint statement stands as a collective plea for aid, solidarity, and concerted global attention. It is a plea for humanity in the face of mounting adversity.

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