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The Clark-Sohn Plan

World Peace through World Law was the title of a 1958 book that is generally regarded as a minimalist plan of world government. It was designed to abolish war by...

Who Speaks for the World?

Russia’s brutal war upon the nation of Ukraine should remind us that, for thousands of years, great powers have used their military might to launch military assaults upon smaller, weaker...

It’s Time to End the Suffering

Our world is being crushed under a torrent of cascading crises. In the past two years alone, we have been buffeted by the twin crises of a global pandemic and...

Democracy in Decline?

Democracies throughout the world have been giving way to autocracies and nationalist movements in the last 15 years, as many people think. President Biden has announced a global struggle between...

War Crimes Are a Feature of the War System

By Byron Belitsos Belitsos is the managing editor of World Citizen, the monthly publication of Citizens for Global Solutions. He is coauthor of One World Democracy: A Progressive Vision for...

A New Foundation for a Sustainable World

The 7th Generation Initiative is working with the WFMC to stimulate thinking about what a post-growth world might be like. Growth has been our goal for so many generations that...

Toronto World Federalists

Global Climate Accountability

Summary of Elizabeth May’s Zoom Presentation to the World Federalist Movement Canada, Toronto Branch on May 18, 2021. Her presentation was about a tale of two treaties. The first was...

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