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In Defense of an Idealist Approach to UN Reform

As World Federalists with aspirations for a more democratic and peaceful world, we are no strangers to criticisms that our proposals are “overly ambitious” or “unachievable.” Although most tend to...

UN Reform: Three Paths Forward

It seems each day provides us a fresh reason for pessimism. A new demonstration of the fraying social contract, especially at the international level. The pillars upon which the international...

The Peacemakers: India’s Quest for One World.

The World Citizen Virtual Book Club, the longest-running program of Citizens for Global Solutions (CGS), gives participants an opportunity to take a deep dive into issues related to World Federation...

Climate Change Lawsuits Around the World

This article will examine the explosion of climate change litigation around the world and its role in reducing the output of greenhouse gases (GHGs) which is endangering the survival of...

Accountability for Pandemic Profiteers

In countries across the world, the cost of living has been increasing at a rate that outpaces the growth, or lack thereof, of wages. Rising inflation has challenged the ability...

Biodiversity: A Pledge, Now Action

In the early hours of 19 December 2022, the delegates to the UN Convention on Biodiversity (COP 15) reached an agreement on a Biodiversity Framework after 12 days of intense...

Use of the ICJ Re the Veto

The recent misuse of the UN Security Council (SC) veto has prevented the SC from exercising its functions with respect to some of the gravest threats to international peace and...

Toronto World Federalists

Global Climate Accountability

Summary of Elizabeth May’s Zoom Presentation to the World Federalist Movement Canada, Toronto Branch on May 18, 2021. Her presentation was about a tale of two treaties. The first was...

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