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WFMC News for October 2023

The Human Cost in the Israel-Hamas War WFM-Canada’s membership is deeply concerned about the escalating violence in the Israel-Hamas/Hezbollah conflict, which has resulted in significant loss of life and suffering for...

The Spring 2023 edition of Mondial is here!

The World Federalist Movement Canada is thrilled to announce the release of the Spring 2023 edition of Mondial, our biannual publication focused on global governance and world federalism. In this...

WFMC News for February 2023

Meet our new Policy Youth Fellows! WFM - Canada is excited to introduce Saba Qureshi and Mostafa Sharkawi to our executive team!

WFMC News for January 2023

Calling all world federalists! We want to invite you to share your perspectives on the movement. Every individual comes to the world federalist movement motivated by a different cause that ignites...

Andreas Bummel Event January 2022

The lofty ideals of the United Nations speak of protecting human rights and of peace for all people. Yet the UN is an assembly of ambassadors representing the views of...

WFMC News for December 2022

Happy New Year fellow world federalists! 2022 was a year full of economic, political, and climate challenges that affected people across the planet. As world federalists, we advocate for a...

WFMC News for November 2022

With a pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and a global economy in crisis, the world sets its sights on an uncertain future. The global COVID-19 pandemic shifted everything from how...

Toronto World Federalists

Global Climate Accountability

Summary of Elizabeth May’s Zoom Presentation to the World Federalist Movement Canada, Toronto Branch on May 18, 2021. Her presentation was about a tale of two treaties. The first was...

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